A stamp on the back of this picture from Japan reads April 25, 1945, on which date The Times had blaring headlines about the state of the war in Europe (it was winding down), and a smaller article at the bottom of the front page about an impasse at Okinawa, in the Pacific, that “American infantrymen” had brought to an end. “The fighting was heavy along the entire front as the doughboys moved cautiously from one fortification to another and there were as yet no indications of large gains,” The Times reported. Photo: The New York Times


Jump is a minimalist and compact charging cable and battery combo made for your iPhone. Once Jump picks up that your iPhone is fully charged, power is redirected to Jump’s two internal batteries which store an additional 30% of juice for those unexpected moments. Jump might possibly be one of the sexiest charging cable/battery combos I’ve seen.

You can purchase Jump from Native Union.


RebildPorten CEBRA

"RebildPorten is a new visitor’s centre and exhibition space for one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in northern Denmark: Rebild Hills and Rold Forest. This area in northern Jutland forms a unique nature reserve, and thus the area holds an extraordinary potential for offering spectacular experiences in this very distinctive rolling landscape. RebildPorten creates a new gathering point that informs, inspires and activates the visitors – an ideal setting for the narrative about the cultural history and nature experiences in these unique surroundings.

RebildPorten’s distinctive expression and character are derived directly from Nature’s own formal language and elements. The structure is designed as a hymn to Nature and the hills and forest, next to which it is situated. It is created in the encounter of building and nature and appears as a sculptural structure made of bluff timber, thus making the building accessible to the eye of the observer – very similar to a forest’s opening and closing when one moves through it, looking upwards through the branches’ chaotic network of crossing lines.”


First Modular Apartment Building in NYC Opens | Gluck+ | ADDoA

THE STACK addresses the need for moderate-income housing in Manhattan.  It finds opportunity on a small, difficult urban site through the alternative method of offsite construction.  Offsite construction offers an accelerated schedule and shorter financing period, turning sites that might otherwise be considered risky and turning them into opportunities.  It is a pilot project for developing a quality and economically viable housing solution to strategically rebuilding and filling gaps in outmoded housing infrastructure in the city.

Although not necessary to its construction methodology, the design of this 7-storey residential building expresses its offsite modular construction.  Each individual unit is legible but also reads as part of a knit-together whole.  Inside, different combinations of units provide structural integrity, as well as a diverse selection in the kinds of layouts for tenants.

On Being App - hat tip thelongsearch


On Being with Krista Tippett now has an app for mobile (that happens to be gorgeous)

Our iPhone app was finally approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store!

Please download (no charge) and share with your social circles.

The intention behind this version of the app is to make it as easy as possible for you to listen to Krista’s conversations on the radio + podcast. We pared down the functionality to core elements: one-button playing + downloading, a playlist for your favorite episodes, and full search of our complete catalogue of 10+ years of programming!

We’ll be tweaking any issues or needs over the next few months, and I’d appreciate any feedback you might offer. 

In the meantime, we should have an Android app available for download very soon (early next week). And, we are now working on developing a tablet app that will offer a more robust experience. The tablet app will provide unfettered access to all produced + unedited interviews, our blog, and some type of daily visual element paired with aspirational words. If you have ideas, please share them here.